Some see old furniture as outdated while others see it in a different light.

Repurposing old furniture is a great way to furnish your house in Destin.

Not only do you save money, but you save the environment as well. Giving new life to old furniture by repurposing or “upcycling” them is becoming trendy. Here are some ways you can dress up your Destin home by using old furniture.



Reupholstering furniture can make old furniture look new again.

It can be a big challenge, but is perfectly doable – even if you’re a novice.

A bright cushion and new fabric can breathe new life to furniture that were once bound for the landfill.



Repainting is a very easy job and even first-time painters will make few mistakes when it comes to this type of project.

Painting old furniture bright colors can give them an updated look that will make your property in Destin look superb.



Some furnishings like dressers made from hardwood can last a very long time.

However, parts of the furniture can chip or wear away but updating them can make it look like a brand new piece for your house in Destin.

For example, stripping away paint or replacing knobs can make a big difference.



Another great way to make ancient-looking furniture look new without doing anything major is by making it a focal point.

For example, adding an eye-catching layer to your headboard can give it a more modern look.

Find a furniture stencil or wall decal that you can use on your head board or wall to give your bedroom some pop.


Make It Exciting

Drab furniture is boring. Give your well-loved furniture a pop by making it more exciting.

Old beige wingback chairs are furniture from the past.

Give it a more contemporary look by choosing bright colored upholstery and adding colorful pillows for a “young” looking house in Destin.


Think Outside The Box

What to do with an old door? You can make it into a table or your new headboard.

How about an old bookshelf as a bar? Thinking outside the box and using furniture for other purposes can make for new and unique pieces.


Go For Bold

Bold colors make old pieces stand out. Breathe new life into old side tables, chairs or hutches by painting them with bold colors. Think tangerine, magenta, aqua blue or purple.

This will make antique looking furniture look bright and happy.



Trunks used to be fashionable in the old days because they can be great for storage. If you live in a small apartment in Destin, using old trunks as coffee or side tables is a good way to upcycle and have additional storage space in your home.


Spunky Seating

Instead of traditional chairs for your dining table, antique furniture stores in Destin sometimes have benches that you can repurpose to give your dining table seating some spunk.

You can repaint benches and chairs or restore it to its original condition depending on your theme.



Speaking of restoring, some antique furniture are better off as they were.

If you don’t know how to restore antiques, you can consult a professional in your area so that you can enjoy antique furniture in your Destin condo.

Old-timey furniture does not need to be thrown away. Showing them love by restoring, repurposing and upcyling them can make them look brand new.

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