Do you want to change the look of your house without renovating it completely?

Our collection of simple tips for redecorating will allow you to transform your home quickly and with very little effort.

#1 Mix and match your bedding

You can mix and match different bedding sets to enhance the theme of the room. Just be sure to pick pieces that fit into the image you are trying to build. For example, for a beach house you can mix fun pastel colors and different accent pieces of beach scenery.


#2 Put antiques in the bathroom

A single piece of antique furniture will make a regular bathroom look chic. Installing fixtures in the same style will
complement the illusion of a period room. The overall color scheme of the bathroom should be neutral so that the antique stands out.


#3 Paint your furniture with Our Chalk Paint

a nice table painted white


This is a great method to make even inexpensive and worn down furniture look stylish. Check it out here!


#4 Make an accent wall with plates

You can buy plates of various interesting shapes cheaply. Paint them to match your room’s theme and hang them on a wall. Choose your colors wisely and this accent wall will become a fantastic centerpiece of your interior design.


#5 Transform vinyl window shades with wallpaper

Do you have regular and boring vinyl window shades? Make them beautiful additions to your interior by wallpapering the pieces. You can use this trick to turn a neutral item into a piece to enhance the design theme.


#6 Decorate your hallways with Turkish runners

Vintage carpets can create a fun and trendy look when used correctly. A few faded rugs that you can buy rather cheaply will instantly turn the space ‘bohemian’. Complement with a few accent pieces in a matching style.


#7 Move seating from the walls to create more intimate atmosphere

Place the seating in a circle or semi-circle away from the walls and place a small table in the middle. This will give you a cozy and intimate arrangement, perfect for spending the evenings with family and friends.


#8 Introduce an accent color in the room interior

beautiful flowers on the table


Accent colors are effective when used in small places, like a throw and flowers or a couple of decorations. Make sure to make your accent color bright and have it contrast with the room’s color scheme.


#9 Mix and match chairs

The mix-and-match technique works as well for chairs as it does for bedding. Go for different textures and contrasting colors. This ‘disorder’ creates an informal atmosphere in the room.


#10 Add some color to open shelves

Place a brightly colored detail on every open shelf. Use bright accent colors in ‘neutral’ rooms to make the design dramatic.


#11 Get a statement tablecloth

A single brightly-patterned tablecloth can transform a traditional room and give it personality.


#12 Paint the backs of built-in shelves a bold color

This will make a perfect accent in an overall ‘regular’ interior. Add in a few throw pillows and curtains in the same bold color and you’ll get a stylish modern room.

Be sure to stop by Ava’s Attic in Destin to find new furniture to compliment the new look and help transform your house.

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