The new year presents us with an opportunity to forget what’s old and welcome what’s new, so when it comes to our living spaces, there’s a rush of excitement to know what’s in and what to leave behind. Read on if you’re a design lover looking for tips on how to update your space in 2019.

1. Sustainability

We’re fans of eclecticism, but when there’s too much going on, it creates chaos. Eclecticism to the point that functionality suffers is what we don’t want to see. Thankfully, 2019 is a perfect time to bid clutter goodbye in favor of strategic, sustainable, and purposeful materials.

2. Feminine Tones

This year, it’s time to move away from neutrals, especially from the cooler shades like grays. Instead, we are expecting to see more feminine tones such as blush, bronze, and dusty pink.

This distressed furniture was beautifully transformed using feminine colors that should make any corner of your house look 2019-ready!













3. Floral Patterns

Out are the geometric trellis patterns people have loved in the recent years. For 2019, florals are in. On walls or on fabrics! Check out these fresh floral-patterned seats that we have at Ava’s Attic.










4. Statement Ceilings

We’ve seen accent walls in homes over the years, but statement ceilings making a buzz this 2019 and it’s a breath of fresh air. From lacquered to painted, a ceiling upgrade can make any room appear brighter and larger.

5. Biophilia

In 2019, there’s an even greater emphasis for biophilia, which is the relationship between man and nature. As we seek to be closer to the outside world, people bring more wood, stone, plant and other materials that remind us of nature into our homes.

This gorgeous seashell lamp reminds us of the serene beauty of the beachside.














6. Curved furniture

Once popular in the 60s, curved furniture is making a comeback! After enjoying decades under the spotlight, straight, rigid furniture is finally saying goodbye this 2019 to welcome curved ones like this striped chair.













7. Black Bathrooms and Kitchens

As the options for black kitchen appliances continue to grow, consumers are more likely to gravitate towards an all-black cabinetry in 2019. And it doesn’t end there. Bold, black bathrooms are also gaining momentum, and spa-inspired ones are returning to where they belong – back to the spa!

8. Maximalist Art

The days of minimalism are almost over. Consumers are getting bored of clean, simple, and neutral-colored spaces, and are beginning to mix up more patterns and colors in the home. This rings especially true with art and this 2019, you are encouraged to hang larger pieces for a more dramatic effect.

For example, instead of putting up several, small art pieces that make your wall look chaotic, make a statement by covering an entire wall space with this beautiful flamingo painting.















Fortunately, getting a design overhaul in time for the new year does not need to be time-consuming. You only need to visit one store to find the 2019 trends you want to jump in on! Come visit us at Ava’s Attic to find functional, timeless pieces that will allow your home to completely rock a 2019 look!

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