Fitting everything you need inside a small living room is no easy task, but it doesn’t mean that your living room should have to look boring and sad! By following these 5 decorating tips, you can make any living room appear more spacious!

  1. Go for a Monochromatic Look

When decorating a small living room, it’s important to pick a different shade of a single hue to apply from the floors to walls, from furnishings to drapes. The monochromatic scheme is easy on the eyes and creates a visual coherence that makes any room appear larger.

If possible, stick to more neutral and lighter hues such as creams, whites, light grays and blues.

These gorgeous chalk-painted chairs match the wall colors perfectly and help achieve a unified look throughout the room while creating the impression of a bigger space.


  1. Use Multipurpose Furniture

One of the problems with limited space is storage. When you have a small living room, it’s essential to be smart with your furniture choices to maximize the space that you have. Before buying a certain piece, ask yourself if it can serve you more than one purpose.

Take for example this lovely leopard skin ottoman which doubles as a seating and storage!


  1. Opt for Larger, Fewer Furniture Pieces

It’s a common assumption that decorating a small room with small furniture can help make a room look bigger. On the contrary, it does quite the opposite, as it makes the area seem cluttered.

Instead of using multiple, small pieces of furniture, consider a large sofa that fills up an entire living room and leaves a lot of open space. This will create the illusion of a bigger and brighter living room.

To achieve this goal, consider this super-sized sectional which will provide ample seating for the whole family without leaving the room looking crowded. If there’s more space, position the sectional away from the walls to create breathing room.


  1. Remove Clutter

Nothing could be worse than clutter buildup when you already have a small living room. Be sure to clean up regularly and tuck unsightly items away. If you haven’t used something within a year, give it away or sell it.

You may want to invest in chest drawers to hide everyday necessities discreetly. This chalk-painted set has a lot of drawers for your stuff and also comes in a neutral color that will make your living room bright and airy!


  1. Go Big with Your Decor

Renowned home stylist Sabrina Soto recommends following the cantaloupe rule when decorating a room. She told Woman’s Day, “Decorative accents that are smaller than a cantaloupe cramp a room.”

This ceramic set from Ava’s Attic would add a dramatic effect to your tiny living room!


With the help of these clever tips and a lot of forward-thinking, it’s now possible to make any small living room look bigger than it actually is!

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