Have some old furniture you’d like to make some money off of?

Consigning furniture is a great way to make some extra cash from that old table you have in your garage.

Here are some things you should consider about consignment furniture in Miramar Beach.

Consignment Reaches A Broad Audience

If you own a great piece of furniture, selling it in a consignment store enables you to reach a broader audience.

There’s no reason to suffer through the hassle of trying to arrange a garage sale. Many people looking for good furniture usually scour consignment shops because they know that the best pieces end up in the local consignment shops. Consignment stores offer furniture in better condition than items you would find on Craig’s List or from garage sales.

More Convenient

If you choose to sell to a consignment store in Miramar Beach, they’ll pick up your furniture from your house, and you just sit back and wait for the money.

There is no need to answer emails, texts or calls from strangers much less let creepy people know where you live. This is more convenient and less confusing as it allows you to focus on the consignment store and there is no need to deal with lots of different questions from prospective buyers.

No Strangers Coming To Call

Furniture Store

Furniture consignment stores in Destin have their own shops. Sellers bring the furniture to be sold, so the stores are “agents” of the sellers.

This is more great because aside from not having to deal with calls and emails, there will be no strangers coming to your house to check the furniture. This is a safer alternative to selling the furniture on your own or posting them on websites.

Consignment Stores are not Thrift Stores

Thrift stores carry the negative connotation of being low-class and selling cheap furniture.

Consignment stores offer a boutique experience that allow you to get top dollar for your furniture.

In thrift stores, furniture or clothing is donated by the public. In consignment stores, the store sells the furniture for the owner and they split the profit. Consignment stores also have better quality control compared to thrift stores.

You Can Get Cash Or Store Credit

Consignment furniture stores let you cash in on your old used stuff.

No hassle. No having to learn HTML coding and put your old stuff up for sale on the internet.

Instead, put the cash towards new furniture and redesign your home.

Next time your garage or attic is filling up with old furniture, call us up and help you out!


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