Redecorating a beach condo requires a special touch.

Below are 6 tips to make that Beach Condo a cozy and chic space.

1. Eliminate Clutter

Before we get to our other ideas, the first thing we suggest is start by eliminating clutter. You want specific feature decorations in each room. Typically, in my experience people who have had a beach condo for a long time end up with extra clutter that their guests will notice, but they’v grown accustomed to.

Eliminating clutter will help you get ready for the rest of your redecoration.

2. Pastels and Light Colors

Have you ever walked inside a room with dark-colored walls and a dark rug?

It feels as if the walls are closing in on you. This is especially true with a beach condo. Light colors are a must!

For dark rooms, liven and lighten up the space by going light on colors. Light colors in a small room will not only make it seem larger, it also makes the room feel comfortable so that you get that light airy feeling. You don’t have to limit yourself with white. There are yellows, grays and brows that can make your condo look airy and big.

Also, try balancing heavy or darker colors with lighter colors. The image below does a good job of striking that balance.

Source: <a href=",d.dGo&psig=AFQjCNE9U2aTWx3uXKQoEl3sAq6G9_189g&ust=1481867341342520"></a>


3. Accent Wall

Dare to be different and make an accent wall in your living room or bedroom.

An accent wall is a good way to break up a room or emphasize an interior design idea. The great thing about accent walls is that you can do it by yourself. For the bedroom you can paint an accent wall on the wall behind the headboard. Use a bright color that is different from the other walls, or try a unique pattern (my old bedroom had thick yellow stripes across one accent wall). By painting an accent wall, you are drawing the attention of the viewer to the wall and highlighting the design.

Not sure which color to pick? Try Adobe’s color wheel to see what matches!

4. Update Fixtures

If you don’t want to paint anything, you can update your accessories by adding or changing fixtures. Brushed nickel, copper, bronze, or a dark rubbed metal are trendy today. Get rid of the gold and the once-trendy color pallet from the 70’s/80’s.

5. Install Floating Shelves

Want your wall to make a statement?

Try utilizing your walls fully and install floating shelves. All it takes is a hammer and a few nails. Shelving in a beach condo unit is important because it can increase storage space. Floating shelves are modern and cooler compared to the old, larger bookcases (which can be bulky) or armoires (popular 20 yrs ago).,d.dGo&psig=AFQjCNG78Amxx3UOpaNTRFrgPUg9RDXUxA&ust=1481867506444959


6. Great Lighting

Finally… don’t forget the lighting. Going inside a dark room can feel like entering a cave.

It can make your guests feel claustrophobic. Good lighting is very affordable and can make your condo feel brand new. Install lamps, floor lamps, mirrors and overhead lighting so that your unit is well-lit. Also, setup your window coverings to maximize the natural light entering the room.

You don’t have to be a professional interior decorator to make your condo look warm and chic. Good luck and happy decorating!

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