If there’s one myth surrounding home décor that needs to be debunked right now, it’s that everything has to match. Not only can matching everything be difficult to accomplish, but it is downright boring.

When done correctly, it is possible to have more than one décor style in your home. In fact, having pieces of varying themes, materials, and eras can actually add interest and tells a story about the people who live there.

Whether you’re dealing with a spouse who has a completely different taste or just can’t let go of your old stuff, here are a few tips to help you blend different home décor styles with confidence.

1. Follow the 80/20 Rule

If you’re a newbie when it comes to mixing various styles, this is a good place to start. Basically, the 80/20 rule suggests that you devote 80% of the overall look to a main theme, while allotting the other 20% to a background theme.

For example, if you’re trying to mix modern and traditional furniture, it makes sense to assign 80% of the items in your home to big-ticket furniture. After all, they are the ones which are harder to replace.

2. Group Like Items Together

An easy and relatively inexpensive way to unify your home décor is by grouping like items together. Find something in common between different pieces, whether it’s their size, color, or texture, and display them together for more visual impact. This trick works especially well for smaller items, such as these lovely French jars.


3. Create a Balance

If you’re trying to marry different styles in your home, one rule to remember is to give each piece a buddy to prevent it from looking like a sore thumb.

For instance, this beautiful pair of accent chairs from Ava’s Attic can help make your eclectic living room look more cohesive.


4. Find a Focal Point

Sometimes, there is just this one piece of furniture or décor that doesn’t seem to go well with the rest of your theme. If you have this kind of item that you really love, don’t just let it go, but rather, consider making it your focal point.

A perfect example would be this magnificent chandelier, which you could highlight as your character piece! By drawing the eyes to its direction, you can make it your focal point that anchors all the varying pieces together.


5. Add Artwork

If you have several pieces of traditional furniture still lying around, one way to offset the classic vibe is by adding contemporary art. You can also do the exact opposite – hang a piece of classic art if you have modern furniture. That mismatch will create the perfect balance you’re looking for. Just be sure to hang the art in the right place.

While shopping for artwork, don’t forget to check out this Justin Gaffrey original creation.


6. Repaint

Sometimes, it makes sense to repaint old furniture to help merge different styles. Whether it’s a vintage dresser, desk, or bed frame, giving it a new color that adheres to your overall theme may sometimes be the easiest and cheapest solution.

Learn how to repaint your furniture with confidence by signing up for a Ava’s Attic paint class. You can also have their talented team custom paint your furniture.


Now, whoever says that mixing different styles at home shouldn’t be done is wrong. After all, it’s your living space and bending a few rules from time to time adds more personality to your home.


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