It is hard not to love Scandinavian interior designs. It embraces minimalism and favors function over extravagance, something that most of us with limited square footage need. It is one of those styles that is so attractive, yet practical and will surely last many years to come.

If you are new to Scandinavian decorating and want to learn how to apply the concept to your home, follow these tips:

1. White Rooms

Scandinavian countries are known to experience long, dark winters. Scandinavian rooms are typically painted in white or other neutral colors to bring warmth and light to their living spaces.

2. Natural Light

Because much of the year is dark in Nordic countries, It is important to let in natural light. Window treatments are avoided and limited to soft, translucent curtains instead of blinds and shutters. It is also common to see large mirrors and low-hanging lighting inside Scandinavian homes.

3. Pops of Bright Color

While Scandinavians usually opt for white or other neutral colors, their interiors are by no means boring. In fact, they love adding a pop of color here and there to make a space more vibrant. However, instead of overwhelming a space with several bright pieces, they tend to pick a piece furniture or two to add color.

These coral blue tables will be a great addition to any Scandinavian themed room.

4. Comfort and Function

It is quite easy to spot Scandinavian design based on the furniture they use. Nordic people place high priority on comfort and function, and believe every piece of furniture in their home should serve its purpose.

That does not mean they can’t be stylish! For instance, these chairs do not only sport neutral colors that stay true to a Scandinavian theme, but they are as gorgeous as they are comfortable and functional.

5. Clutter-Free Spaces

Scandinavian homes are known for having open, clutter-free spaces. The result is a minimalist, clean feel that creates an airy and bright space that is a joy to live in.

That said, they choose their furniture wisely and make sure that every space is well utilized. Part of this is implementing a smart storage system that keeps clutter away. Take for instance this vintage chest that has enough drawers to sort and hide all your unsightly things.

6. Simplicity in Decor

In line with keeping spaces decluttered, it is very common to see bare walls in Nordic homes. Still, you can accentuate a wall or two with simple art, like these crab pieces from Ava’s Attic.

7. Natural Materials

Part of the appeal of Scandinavian design is their love for natural materials such as wood, fur, wool and cotton. They love spending time outdoors and want to bring in as many elements as they can.

Natural, light-colored wood almost always make its way into Nordic homes. If you are looking to redo your home and rock a Scandinavian theme, this gorgeous dining table is one of the first things you should get.

8. Cozy, Warm Textiles

Scandinavians do not use many pillows or blankets to decorate. However, they usually pick textiles made of wool, cotton or sheep skins to add a layer of texture to their living space and provide warmth during the colder months.

As you can see, the elements of Scandinavian design are all simple and practical. Just follow our tips above and you can transform your space in no time!

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