You see a piece of furniture at a yard sale and you’re tempted to buy it right away. Before you pull out your wallet there are some things you need to know when it concerns buying used furniture in Destin.


Arts and crafts suggestions for masking imperfections

There are many ways to cover imperfections of second hand furniture.

DIY offers a creative way of hiding unsightly water rings, scratches and dents.

For example, you can hide small scratches by giving your table a fresh coat of paint. If you don’t find cigarette burns charming, you can sand it out from the wood and then re-varnish the furniture to make it look like new again.


Shop with dimensions in Mind

That couch looks great and feels great, but does it fit inside your living room or den?

Avoid wasting time and straining your back, always shop with dimensions in mind. Try bringing your own measurements and a measuring tape.

There’s no shame in measuring furniture in the shop even if you’re just picturing how it looks in your living room.


Ask To Get on their Mailing Lists

Furniture stores stock from all over the globe. Used furniture stores can receive any item at any time from their patrons. That’s why it saves to be informed.

If you want to be one of the first to go through new stock, ask a company to put you on their mailing list or follow them on social media. This way they’ll notify you of sales or when a new shipment has arrived so you can check it out before other customers.

Furniture Store



Pop in Even If You’re not Buying

Window shopping is fun. You can check in and just browse.

This is also a fun way to build up a list of store that sell great furniture at great prices. Don’t pass up the chance to snap up a rare item though.


Don’t Rely on Pictures, Check out the Item in Person

Buying online is convenient and photographs are great but they can also be deceiving.

One bad ding or broken leg may not be readily seen by a photograph. Condition is very important when you’re buying second hand. It can be hard to gauge sturdiness and quality just by looking at photos.

If you can’t personally inspect the item, make sure there’s a return policy.


Keep An Open Mind

Requiring yourself to find the perfect item every time you go shopping is unnecessary stress and often not realistic.

There will be days when you will need to reconcile the picture you have in your mind with the furniture at hand.

If you’re unwilling to compromise you might not be able to find suitable second hand furniture.


The Right Vehicle

Sometimes browsing through a second hand furniture store is so exciting that we forget to plan for the trip home.

Before taking off on a furniture hunting expedition, make sure you’re driving the right kind of vehicle. If you’re planning on buying big items like a sofa, plan accordingly.


Look At The Tags

A piece of furniture may appear nice but always look for extra hints in the tags and stickers. If it says IKEA, make sure not to overpay.

However, if you find that it’s by Charles & Ray Eames you might be able to grab a well-made steal. Pay up and find somebody to help you haul it to your beach condo.

Charles & Ray Eames



Have Fun

The most important thing to remember when furniture-hunting is to have fun.

It’s always exciting when you find a great deal on that perfect piece, but have fun in the journey too.

Enjoy redecorating, and visit Ava’s Attic for all your consignment needs!

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