Many people are afraid to decorate their apartments for fear of causing permanent damage to the property. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some damage-free decorating tips that will help brighten your apartment and even give it that vibe that truly reflects your personality:

Add a Pop of Color

Are you tired of the monotony in your apartment space? Maybe it’s time to add more colors! Don’t worry because adding color doesn’t only mean placing a huge artwork here and there, it can also mean choosing essential furniture that already has a captivating design that you’ll certainly love to look at.

This colorful drawer from Ava’s Attic also qualifies as artwork! Just look at the details and the colors—perfect for apartments, especially those with limited spaces where you really have to consider each and every item you put! No room for colorful art pieces? This drawer doubles as that art piece that will brighten up any apartment.

Don’t Compromise Comfort

You don’t have to give up comfort when brightening up your space. There are plenty of pieces that will not only liven up your apartment but will also make it look and feel more comfortable. Take this comfy chair for example. It’s the perfect addition to your reading nook or the perfect partner to your coffee table! You can easily make it more personal by layering your favorite blanket or scarf, or simply enjoy it as it is!

Patterns. Patterns. Patterns.

A lot of people are quite unsure when using patterned furniture, and that’s understandable because there are pieces with patterns that simply don’t work. But this patterned recliner from Ava’s Attic Boutique is not one of those pieces! On the contrary, the pattern and color both work perfectly, making this recliner a great piece of furniture to add whether in the bedroom for your personal use or in the living room where it’ll surely get everyone’s attention.

Make a Statement

Another way to brighten up your apartment is to add furniture that best represents you—your favorite things, your preferences, your dreams. But of course, finding such furniture is not easy. Good thing Ava’s Attic has just the right item!

The details on this travel-inspired furniture are simply on point. Whether it’s always been your dream to visit a country house, or you’ve been to one and you want to remember the memory forever, this piece will surely put a smile on your face.

Neutral to Enhance Your Space

What’s so great about neutrals is that they blend in any space. You might be thinking that they don’t have a place in an apartment that you’re brightening up but they might actually be the pieces that will enhance your existing setup.

These barstools from Ava’s Attic feature neutral tones. Oh, and don’t forget that woven detail that is sure to instantly add character to your apartment space.

There you have it, some damage-free tips that will help you brighten up your apartment. The pieces mentioned here aren’t easy to find elsewhere, so if you’re interested in any one of them, make sure you check out Ava’s Attic on Facebook.




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