Your 30s are an exciting time. With more financial stability that comes with a better paycheck, you might be leaving your shabby apartment and looking to get settled into a better home and neighborhood. You might have developed a finer sense of taste and are ready to invest in quality furniture that you can keep permanently. Here are some things to keep in mind to be a decorating expert by 30.

Pick Timeless Colors

It’s easy to get caught up on what’s the color of the year or what your friends are buying, but you’d be much better off starting out with ageless pieces. Whites, blacks, browns, creams, and other neutrals are good starting points, especially for big-ticket items that you wouldn’t want to replace anytime soon, as they are easy to blend with whatever décor you’d pick in the future.

It doesn’t mean you have to be stuck to neutrals though. If you have a favorite color, feel free to use that as your base, and expand your collection from there. After all, your favorite color doesn’t get old, no matter what’s trending today. If you have a thing for dark colors, then you might want to check out this black couch from Ava’s Attic!

Less is More

It can be tempting to bring home anything that catches your attention, but you want to avoid filling every corner with décor. Remember that space is a luxury that you can’t afford to lose right away, so you might want to save it for stuff that really matters to you. If it’s your first home, you still have years down the road to add something new and meaningful to your precious space.

After a long day, we all want to be greeted with peace and quiet. Clutter doesn’t only impede the flow of energy, but also steals your opportunity to relax. It’s important to have a plan in mind before going on a shopping spree. Generally, there are only two kinds of things worth keeping in your home – one that you find useful, and one that you find beautiful. If you find something that does both, like this gorgeous coffee table, then you know it’s a keeper!

Avoid Buying Furniture Sets

No one wants their home to look like it came straight out of an interior design magazine. After all, your 30s are supposed to be a time to explore your personal taste, collect high-quality pieces that resonate with your style, and be more adventurous. While you shouldn’t hold on to everything that you own, you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss an item you love just because it doesn’t fit in the traditional design sense either.

A good rule of thumb is to never buy everything from the same place. Combining unique finds from various eras can help make your space look more balanced. When you can mix and match various design styles with confidence, that’s when you can showcase your personality.

A touch of vintage always adds character to any space! This antique chest would be a welcome addition to any room you choose to grace its presence with.

Don’t Pass Up On Second-Hand Treasures

There are a few common misconceptions about buying in second-hand furniture shops, such as the items being too old, dirty, less durable, and of inferior quality. Many homeowners consign their furniture because the dimensions are inappropriate or because the pieces don’t blend in with their existing theme. Many of these items were barely used and made of superior quality materials, keeping them in pristine condition. 

Moreover, second-hand shops are where you can buy designer furniture at heavily discounted prices. Consignment shops like Ava’s Attic are also the likeliest places you will find unique items that aren’t sold in brand-new furniture stores. For these reasons, you should never discount visiting consignment shops, as you’ll be surprised at what kinds of treasures you might find, such as this beautiful crystal lamp.

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