For many, autumn is the time to read more books, enjoy seasonal beverages like pumpkin spice latte, or take up a new hobby. But aside from those things, autumn is also a great season for home redecoration. Is your home ready for autumn? These tips might help:

Give Your Space that Warm, Comfy Vibe

The crisp and cool weather is a great opportunity for you to add warmth to your home. Orange is one of the classic autumn colors that you can’t miss. It’s the perfect color to add extra warmth and brightness, and it’s also a great color to make your space look comfier and more inviting.

You can never get too cozy when autumn comes! If you think your space is already comfy as it is and no longer needs anything, this orange ottoman from Ava’s Attic will certainly make you change your mind. It’s a perfect addition to your bedroom sitting area or to your coffee table space which you’ll be using a lot as the weather gets colder!

Add Some Glimmer

The start of the autumn season also means it’s the start of longer nights and shorter days. You might not get much natural lighting because of this, but your home surely doesn’t have to look and feel dark! This beautiful crystal-adorned lamp will give your home an added radiance in the morning and a touch of warmth and twinkle at night.

Don’t Forget the Irresistible Appeal of Earth Tones

When talking about autumn, one cannot forget earth tones, particularly browns and tans. Aside from the fact that these colors are timeless, they also do a wonderful job of heralding the start of the autumn season.

Doesn’t this genuine leather couch from Ava’s Attic perfectly encapsulate the autumn foliage? Your family members and guests will definitely fall in love with this piece! Not to mention the fact that it’s the perfect size for your living area or family room. Just imagine sitting on this couch as you read your favorite book by the fireplace!

Be Creative

As the weather gets colder, you’re likely to find yourself having more time to spend indoors. Make use of the extra time to get creative. You can go over some storage boxes and find accent pieces that will complete your home’s autumn look, or head to your workshop or garage and work on some DIY projects.

And speaking of DIY, you might want to consider checking out pre-loved furniture like this chest of drawers that is already stunning on its own, but one that you can further repaint or customize to your liking.

With these tips, we hope you’re more inspired to redecorate your home for autumn. Feel free to get creative, use bold colors, and find the furniture that will make your living space extra warm and homey. If you liked the pieces we’ve mentioned on this blog, do check out Ava’s Attic on Facebook.


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