After a few years, our homes can look old and tired and in need of some refreshing. If you haven’t started with your home improvement project yet, you might want to consider going through it the green way! Here’s how.

Repurpose and Donate Unwanted Items

Before throwing anything away, you might want to consider assigning a new purpose to the stuff you’re considering throwing. For instance, if you have a side table that’s still in good condition but doesn’t match your new bedroom’s theme, you can move it to the guestroom instead. A big-scale home renovation project can easily run you thousands of dollars, and this is a great way to save money.

You can also donate pieces that you can no longer find any room for to friends and relatives who are redecorating or to Goodwill. This can significantly reduce the environmental impact of your home upgrade. 

Another solution is to sell your unwanted items. Not only can this help you recoup some of your renovation costs, but you’re also helping out other homeowners who might fall in love with what you have. By visiting Ava’s Attic, you can make a few bucks and may stumble upon some cool finds such as this classic piece on your way home.

Pre-Owned Decor

Most people have the wrong perception of repurposed items. Some assume that pre-owned pieces are old and ugly and there’s nothing of quality that you can find in a secondhand store. Some also think that it’s cheap or even unhygienic to get stuff from yard sales or consignment shops. 

First, reputable consignment stores like Ava’s Attic do not carry worn, stained, or dirty items. Second, you can always avoid buying used mattresses or upholstered furniture if you have hygiene concerns.

Preloved decors are some of the safest items to bring home. They don’t pose a lot of hygiene or pest risks and are quite easy to disinfect. This is also an excellent option if you’re working on a small budget. Plus, you’re doing the world a favor by preventing a few home accessories to end up in landfills.

If you’re looking to spice up your garden, don’t miss out on these cherub statues!

Consider Repainting

You know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” You don’t need to demolish a whole section of your home just to give it an update. Sometimes, all it takes is repainting key areas and refacing old and worn-out furniture to get the look that you’ve always dreamed of. Not only is it friendly to the environment, but to your budget as well!

Aside from selling secondhand pieces, repainting is another specialty of Ava’s Attic. Just take a look at this wonderful transformation they made to this chalk-painted kitchen cabinet. You can bring in any furniture and have it custom-painted to any color you want.

Shop Consignment

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that everything has to be shiny and new when updating your home. In fact, new isn’t necessarily always better. For instance, antique furniture is not only environment-friendly but also strikingly gorgeous! Antiques were usually made of materials that were built to last centuries, so not only are you shopping for sustainability, but also aesthetics.

You can find unexpected treasures such as this rustic cabinet by visiting Ava’s Attic.

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