As 2019 comes to a close, homeowners can’t wait to see the new trends to base their designs on and keep up with the incoming year. If you feel like your home needs a major update, this is the perfect moment to work it out by incorporating some of the new year’s trends. Fortunately, we have a simple, no-stress guide for you to follow.

Reinvent Your Living Room 

One of the top focuses in 2020 is socialization, and thus a need for spaces that are warm, cozy and inviting. If you have a spacious living room, consider incorporating two sofas for a friendlier vibe. The best thing about having two sofas is that it also gives you an opportunity to mix different styles for an eclectic appeal, so don’t feel pressured to throw away the old one. Remember to keep the sofas close enough to create a space for gathering rather than having them spaced too far apart.

If you have limited space, consider pairing your sofa with a chair or a stool instead.

This leather sectional is excellent for lounging and entertaining guests. And with leather being one of the trendiest textures in 2020, this will give your living room a nice refresh.

Choose Smart Furniture

2020 sees more need for integrated living spaces to accommodate every family’s needs, preferences and hobbies. For instance, kitchens with sitting areas to allow for socialization will be on the rise, as well as living rooms or bedrooms with home offices. More people are ditching traditional divisions and going for open floor plans which allow them to do chores while watching the kids. The use of smart, multifunctional furniture supports this modern lifestyle dynamic.

This loft bed from Ava’s Attic is made exactly for this purpose. It’s built with a desk and dresser, perfect for any small room that needs an integrated study area.

Switch to Warm Colors

This 2020, cool hues are out in favor of warm and vibrant colors. Bold shades like burnt orange, terracotta, and buttery tan will be replacing the grays and blues, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to update your walls.

If you don’t want to repaint a whole room, however, throwing in a few accents, decor or a small furniture piece could make a huge difference in making your space feel warm and inviting. 

This butter leather reclining massage chair will be a bright and welcome addition to your living room.

Make a Statement with Natural Textures

2020 is about the search for natural and organic materials, so earthy interiors will be super trendy. This year will see the demise of faux plants and digitally printed decor, giving way for real plants and woven or embroidered ornaments.

Handmade products, especially those made of wicker and rattan create a natural and organic atmosphere and will be most favored when it comes to both furnishing and decor. These materials add a unique and beautiful tactile sensation into modern interiors.

If you’re looking for the perfect furniture to wrap your 2020 home upgrade, look no further than this gorgeous side table from Ava’s Attic.

As you can see, giving your home a refresh that still goes with the new year’s trends is not that hard to do and will provide you with plenty of room to insert your own style and personality. Just follow our tips above and be sure to like Ava’s Attic on Facebook to see more of these lovely pieces.

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