Destin properties can be good vacation rentals. If you own a home in Destin, it can become an investment property if you’re not using it. There are many options, like AirBnB, that allow Destin homes to be rented.

To attract a good number of renters, you need good connections. You can find this by hiring the right rental real estate agent. They have the right connections and networks so that your Destin beach house does not stay empty for long periods of time. They also have experience in strategically advertising your Destin property so that the right people know about it.

Before you post your home in Destin for rent, here are a few tips to keep in mind for decorating your Destin beach house.

  1. Go Natural

You want your guests to feel like they are at the beach even inside your home, so go with natural choices whenever you can. Utilize large windows and sky roofs to let in natural lighting and ambiance. Decorate with rattan, bamboo or sea grass matting and other natural materials.

The best part about natural materials is their affordability so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to makeover your Destin beach house.


  1. Neutral

Go with white or neutral colors and contrast with bright colors like turquoise for a pop of color indoors.

Color is a personal choice for your Destin property but shades of the sea like navy with neutral pallet can add dimension to your color scheme.

  1. White

White is a good choice for ceiling and walls for your beach house in Destin.

White paint on walls, ceiling and furniture keeps your home crisp and clean looking.

White will also make the Destin beach house feel larger because light bounces off the white walls to create an illusion of more space. White furniture also looks beachy. Just be sure the fabric of your sofa can be cleaned easily or you’re in trouble.

  1. Gifts from the Sea

Use seashells, sea grass, driftwood and other gifts from the sea to decorate your Destin condo.

These natural wonders are great to fill your shelves, use as matting, or you can use the driftwood and recycle it into decorations. In addition to shelves, they can be used to decorate the bathroom, mantels and tables.

  1. Fun

Destin condos should be fun. You or your guests are on vacation, right?

Unexpected elements like surfboards, body boards, oars, fishing poles and bikes can add an interesting dimension to a room. Don’t forget to add splashes of colors and to scatter decorations to keep the mood upbeat throughout your house in Destin.

  1. Embrace The Outdoors

Liven up the patio or balcony with cool outdoor furniture.

A beach house in Destin is all about enjoying the beach, which you can do so by just gazing at it. Buy comfortable and inviting chairs for guests to lounge in.

You can also add wifi extenders to your house in Destin to make sure that even people who cannot part with their cellphones can still enjoy the great outdoor views.

Beachside living in Destin is all about embracing the lifestyle. Make your Destin condo welcoming and fun to invite guests in and make their stay longer. A fun and well maintained property in Destin will attract repeat guests and new ones all the time.

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