One of the most fun things about living in a Destin condo is finding the right furniture to make your new home more personal.

Finding new furnishings is a fun adventure where you can let your personal taste and imagination run wild. However, there are so many types of furniture and so many furniture shops in Destin. Choosing furnishings for your Destin home can be intimidating.

Lucky for you, we’ve put out a short guide that can help you choose the right furniture for your house in Destin.

Choose Light Colored Shades and Curtains

One of the best things about having a condo in Destin is the abundance of sunshine.

Most residents enjoy mild to warm weather all year round. By putting up light colored shades and curtains, you can let the sunshine in so that your home is bathed in natural light.

Good color examples include beige and other light colored neutrals. Color-coordinate your curtains and walls to maximize light.


Keep Furniture Compact and Trim

Destin apartments can be small so you need to keep furniture compact and slim.

You might be tempted to buy a large sectional sofa, but this type of furniture can overwhelm your small living room. Opt for furniture that will suit your small space instead.

Pick chairs and couches with tight skinny arms with an upholstered back. Look for dining tables with slender legs and beds with simple headboards.

Hug The Perimeter

Space can be a luxury on some Destin properties so you need to tuck your furniture to the edges.

Maximize space by tucking your furnishings around the perimeter of the room. Attach a bookshelf to the wall, build seating under the window and mount your television.

When your furniture is hugging your walls, you create more floor space which helps to expand the room.

Be Versatile

Just because it’s a dining chair does not mean to say you can’t use it for the vanity.

When choosing furniture for your Destin condo you need to choose pieces that are versatile so that you can think about their “off-label” uses.

For instance, you can use a dining room buffet as storage for the living room and to display books or collections. You can also upcycle a pallet into a coffee table.


Secondary Storage

Small apartments in Destin usually lack storage space.

This is why you need furniture that can double as storage so that you will have enough space for all your things.

Your tables should have drawers and your ottoman should have hidden compartments.

You can also consider a trunk as your coffee or side table so that you will have somewhere to tuck extra linens, towels or clothing. Incidentally, the space under your bed can also be used to store small luggage.


Remember that your Destin home is supposed to be the place you unwind after a long stressful day. Choosing the right kind of furniture for your home can help you achieve that comfort.

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