Choosing a color palette for your beach condo in Destin can save you numerous trips to the paint store.

As most of us know, randomly choosing whatever color that comes to our minds when we’re redoing an apartment in Destin can make you lose time due indecisiveness and many trips to the store.

Having a color palette will make it easier for you to make your home look cohesive and will force you to make decisions upfront so you never have to rethink your color scheme again.

Here are some tips on how to choose a color palette for your apartment in Destin.

Fixed Elements

When you have a house, there are certain elements that you cannot change, unless of course you’re planning to demolish these elements.

These fixed elements automatically become a part of your color palette. Examples of fixed elements include the cabinetry, flooring (carpet, tiles, etc), countertops and trim.

In most cases, fixed elements are neutral in color.

But even if they are neutral they still have an undertone.

Make a list of the undertone of your fixed elements. Aside from fixed elements consider your furniture colors and undertones too. Once you know the undertone you have 2 options for your color palette:

  • Match colors with the undertones. For example, warm undertones like orange or yellow will do will with warm palette.
  • Or you can choose to contrast against the undertones to complement them. So for warm undertones you need a cool color palette like blues and grays.

Stick To 3-5 Colors

People who love colors will find it hard to follow this rule.

Limiting your colors to this number will make it easier for you to achieve a unified look.

People who have a fear of color should choose muted shades or neutral colors.

Colors You Love

Since it’s your home in Destin, you should love all the consigned furniture including the color scheme.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on a color palette, stick to colors you love.

Starting with you favorite colors means that you won’t get tired of it soon.

You will also feel more relaxed if you’re living in a Destin apartment that is filled with colors and furniture you love.

How Do You Want Your Space To Feel?

If you’re still having a hard time choosing a palette for your Destin beach house, you can ask yourself how you want the room or area to feel. Do you want it to feel calm or modern?

For example, if you’re afraid of color you can choose a monochromatic palette.

This means having the same color but in different shades.

People who want a calm feeling for their space should choose harmonious colors or colors next to each other on a color wheel.

If you want your colors to contrast each other, choose colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.

Choose An Accent

Now that you have the basic elements of your palette up you should choose an accent for your Destin beach condo.

An accent color is used sparingly for dramatic effect.

If you chose the monochromatic scheme, your accent color should be the darker version of the color.

Now that you have a color palette you can use these variations in different rooms of your Destin home.

So if your favorite color is blue, you can choose variations of this color like turquoise, azure or driftwood grey to paint different areas or even furniture inside your house in Destin.

Choosing a color pallet can  be confusing at first but it is very easy to get excited once you’ve settled on the colors for your rooms.

When choosing colors, take your time and don’t rush into anything. Do research and talk to professionals. In the end these tips are just guidelines and you don’t need to follow them to the last letter. Trust your instincts and follow your gut when it comes to choosing colors that you love.

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