With how stressful life can be outside, everyone wants to retire to a home that has a peaceful atmosphere. A minimalist home gives your mind that much needed serenity and rest from the hectic world.

Here are some simple adjustments you can make to create a minimalist and peaceful home environment.

Focus on the Essentials

One of the main facets of minimalism is the strict focus on the essentials. With less clutter, there’s also less cleaning, less stress, and more space. Giving up the unnecessary creates not just a clear space, but also a clear mind.

It’s not about just getting rid of the extras, but also arranging what you do own accordingly in a way that nothing sticks out like a sore thumb or interrupts with the flow of traffic.

Organization is the key to creating a minimalistic space, and thus it’s crucial that you know where everything goes, especially when not in use. One of the most important pieces of furniture to own is a storage cabinet or shelf for some items that you don’t use daily but you still need. This bookshelf will not just house your book collection, but also doubles as a decorative display.

Color Palette

If you enter a minimalistic home, one of the things you’ll notice is the cohesiveness when it comes to the color palette. Most minimalistic homes focus on whites and other neutral colors that are easy on the eyes and doesn’t distract from your minimalist decor. Pick solid, subdued colors, with only a splash of hues here and there.

Choosing a base color and building off from there pulls everything else together and creates a sense of calm. Doing so also prevents you from impulse buying and collecting even more stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere.

Be sure to visit Ava’s Attic if you’re looking for home essentials that are painted in neutral colors.

Large Quality Furniture

Instead of buying several small items, you may want to invest in large, quality furniture, preferably multi-purpose pieces that are both beautiful and functional. This is an easy way to simplify a room and cut down on clutter. Remember that your furniture takes up the most space in any room, so be sure to make each piece count.

In doing so, however, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort and beauty. Take for instance this gorgeous sleeper sofa that also works as a loveseat and ottoman. It’s also perfect for having guests over!

Keep Your Decor Simple

Minimalist spaces don’t necessarily have to be boring. While you might want to dial things down a notch when it comes to purchasing nonessentials, there’s always a wiggle room for decor. However, you need to plan things ahead to ensure that everything comes together. 

Instead of a gallery wall, opt for one, larger piece artwork. Ava’s Attic is home to simple, yet fine works of art, so feel free to drop by! 

If you need help coming up with more ideas for a minimalist space or want your existing furniture restored or repainted, be sure to check out Ava’s Attic on Facebook for more ideas.

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