Having a small home doesn’t mean you are no longer entitled to some privacy. Whether you’re living with a spouse or a roommate, enjoying some personal time in your own nook can help you destress and live more harmoniously with the people you share your space with. Here are a few tips to achieve that.

Use Brighter Colors

Color has the ability to instantly make a space pop. for instance, An unused corner with a bright chair and a small desk or coffee table amidst a neutral background immediately creates a distinction that separates it from the rest of the common areas.

You don’t need to make a major renovation to achieve this. For example, installing this blue chair in an unused corner and finding a small table to pair it with quickly creates a new area for you to hangout and just do some reading by yourself.

Create a Gallery Wall

Putting up a gallery is also a quick, inexpensive solution to transform an otherwise plain wall into a usable space. Decorate it with your favorite travel mementos, pet photos, inspiring quotations, and other artwork that means a lot to you.

Don’t forget to visit Ava’s Attic to see their extensive selection of art pieces to glam up your personal nook.

Decorate With Soft Materials

There’s nothing cozier than just sinking into a chair or a couch with a book in one hand and a bottle of beer or wine in another. If you like your weekends to look like this, be sure to prep your nook to be as comfortable as it can possibly be, and there’s nothing more comforting than a bunch of blankets or throws that add more softness and texture.

Case in point, this pretty slipcovered chair from Ava’s Attic. You might want to visit their store to shop for throw pillows to match!

Pay Attention to Lighting

The key to having a personal space that invites positivity is brightness. It can be a challenge to accomplish in small, cramped spaces, but it’s still possible!

First, choose a corner in front of a window. Natural light is energizing and is better for your health. If creating a nook near a window is impossible, try to recreate more light by adding mirrors or installing supplemental lighting fixtures.

This beautiful lampshade will provide your personal nook with the extra lighting it needs and is both decorative and functional! Make sure to check out Ava’s Attic for more items like this.

Invest in a Loft Bed

If your space is super tiny and you leave with a roommate, the best solution is to maximize the space above. Ditch the traditional bed and invest in a loft bed instead to have the extra space required to do your work or indulge in some reading and other hobbies. 

As always, be sure to check out Ava’s Attic on Facebook for more interior design ideas to transform your small home or condo into a livable space that you’ll be excited to come home to every single day.

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