Many of us dread the dark and cold months when it’s a challenge to get up in the morning, be productive and feel inspired. When going outside is a struggle in itself, the last thing you want is to come home to an icy condo that seems to be devoid of any light, warmth or emotion.

If you’re looking to add a bit of shine into your winter home, follow these tips!

Maximize Lighting

Because nights are longer and natural lighting isn’t as strong with all the cloudy days you get in the winter, you’ll have to double your efforts to invite more brightness and warmth inside. The dark and cold can make anyone feel glum, so in order to liven up the space, you may want to invest in extra artificial lighting. Check out Ava’s Attic for a huge collection of lovely lighting pieces, such as this statement lamp.

Cozy Up with Soft Fabrics

In the colder months of January and February, the urge to just snuggle in is nearly irresistible. As you’ll probably be spending more of your time indoors, it’s important that you create a cozy atmosphere you can look forward to coming home to.

When the moment calls for it, you want to make sure your place has enough pillows and throws for you to bundle up. These watermelon red and blush pillows would work really well in adding some extra comfort to your home, as well as accentuating your condo in the winter.

Add Winter-Inspired Decor

Decorating specifically for winter has its benefits. If you’ve been feeling down with the season change, decorating may actually help get rid of the blues. It may even become a tradition that you can look forward to every year!

You can transform your condo for winter without spending much. Start by jazzing up your fireplace mantel with winter-inspired decor, such as pine cones, wreaths, twigs, and snowflakes. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can set up candle centerpieces to create a warm and relaxing mood.

Integrate Wooden Items Into Your Decor

Natural materials, wood in particular, are always effective in conjuring feelings of warmth. From rustic to modern, wood is so versatile that having it around always results in a space that is both warm and inviting.

And you don’t have to overdo it or renovate your whole home. All it takes is throwing in a few, select pieces that are gorgeous on their own, such as this beautiful Cypress bench.

Pick Warmer Colors

If wood isn’t your thing or you want more inspiration, there are many ways to add warmer hues to your condo. From paint to slip coverings, furnishing to decor, the opportunities are endless. Pops of warm colors during the winter months helps brighten any home and uplift your spirit, which is especially important for condos with limited space.

That doesn’t mean repainting your walls every time the season changes…just add or switch out a few decor pieces for items with warmer tones. This side table in flamingo pink will be a very welcome winter addition to your condo. With its cute color, you may even want to display it for the entire year.

With our tips above, we hope you will be able to add a dose of cheer into your winter condo! For more decorating ideas, visit Ava’s Attic on Facebook.

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