In feng shui philosophy, the bedroom is the most important room in the home. After all, it is your sanctuary and the most personal space for you. This is where you rest and spend your most personal time on, thus the need for protecting it from negative energies. If you find yourself tossing and turning each night despite following strict sleep hygiene, perhaps your decorating skills (or lack thereof) are to blame. Here’s how to feng shui your bedroom to attract positive chi, good fortune, awesome relationships, and most importantly, better sleep.

Make Your Bed Your Biggest Investment

If any furniture in your house is worth splurging your hard-earned money on, it’s your bed. It’s especially true if you have some trouble sleeping. Time to ditch your worn-out futon and invest in a full or queen-sized bed that would not only give you ample room to move but also allows for chi to circulate properly. Of course, you’d need to pair it with a nice, thick and firm mattress.

Furniture placement is also crucial in feng shui. Make sure that your bed is in a commanding position where you can see the door in front of you but not directly in line with it when lying down. It’s also essential to avoid placing beds against walls and have equal room on both sides.

Case in point, this queen carved bed can quickly transform the energy flow and promote restful sleep.

Get a Nice Headboard

In feng shui, a headboard symbolizes support and stability, which is even more essential if you have a romantic partner. If you truly want to follow feng shui principles, opt for solid wood instead of metal, as the latter’s bars could create a prison-like vibe. If you’re single, this kind of headboard can magnetize a strong and secure romantic partnership.

This stunning white headboard is the perfect accompaniment to your new bed! 

Opt for a Pair of Nightstands

A single nightstand can make the room look asymmetrical. Two nightstands, on the other hand, create a sense of balance and harmony. They are also practical as they allow each partner or a future partner to have their personal space and storage.

You can get these adorable nightstands and other beauties for a bargain at Ava’s Attic

Remove Clutter From Underneath Your Bed

That invisible area underneath your bed is a super convenient spot to hide away all your stuff that can’t seem to fit elsewhere. But all that junk can impede energy flow and affect your sleep while in a passive yin state. All those clutter can also create subconscious blocks in different areas of your life.

Make sure to scour other messy spots in your bedroom that could hinder your peace and relaxation. Decide whether to toss or donate stuff that you haven’t used in a while.

You might want to drop by Ava’s Attic to shop for custom-painted storage pieces to hide your knick-knacks in style!

It doesn’t take much to apply feng shui principles in your bedroom. For more inspiration, check out Ava’s Attic on Facebook.

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