Moving in with your significant other is one of the boldest and most exciting phases of your life. However, as you get to start a whole new chapter with another person, you might find that you don’t always share the same preferences. But what if you have vastly contrasting tastes when it comes to home design? Here are a few tips that will help you blend your decorating styles seamlessly.

Consider Going Eclectic

Perhaps your SO is into contemporary design and you’re more of a minimalist. When there’s a huge gap between your preferences, your safest route is to go eclectic. The eclectic design embraces different patterns, textures, style periods, etc. It creates an opportunity for your existing pieces to live harmoniously.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to throw everything you own together and hope for the best. The key to pulling off an eclectic home is having neutral colors in the mix. 

Owning a few pieces of wooden furniture can accomplish this easily. Wood adds character, warmth, and calmness to any room. It acts as a bridge between dark and bright, hard and soft. 

Be sure to drop by Ava’s Attic to see their extensive collection of wooden furniture, such as this gorgeous vintage chest.

Create a Focal Point

In combining your collections together, you’ll find that there will be at least one thing that looks different from the rest of your stuff, and that’s okay. Instead of hiding it from plain view, you can highlight this item’s uniqueness and use it as your focal point.

Take for instance this beautiful custom-built fish. This should work perfectly as a focal point amid a gallery wall filled with various photos or art pieces that don’t exactly match.

Function Over Form

When you can’t decide on which items to have, utility always wins over aesthetics. Remember that you’ll be living with another person, and it’s vital that most, if not all of your stuff can be used and appreciated by both parties.

When narrowing down your options, consider dual-purpose furniture. Case in point, this lovely rattan chair and ottoman from Ava’s Attic. The fact that it’s also very charming is just a bonus!

Shop Together

When decorating with your significant other, always be respectful. Do not bring over everything you own or shop for new furniture without the other’s permission. Like with many other major life decisions you’ll be having going forward, it’s important to compromise.

Despite your differences in tastes, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to find common ground when you shop together. You can both agree to have the other decorate one room of the house, or buy matching pieces for common areas that you both spend a lot of time in.

Speaking of matching, this stunning pair of chairs will be a wonderful addition to your living room and is a great start to building an entirely new collection that you both have a say in.

These items don’t last very long in our shop, so be sure to always check out our Facebook page to stay on top of our newest arrivals. 

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