Each year, travelers look forward to the summer months and hopefully experience some sun, sea and sand. For beach house owners renting out their property, it’s a wonderful opportunity to earn some rental income.

With summer just around the corner, here are some tips to prep your beach house for the influx of renters.

Update Your Bedding

Comfort and luxury are two important factors that drive guests to leave you with stellar reviews. Before summer comes, inspect the beds in each room and replace worn-out sheets with high-quality linens. Make sure to provide extra blankets and pillows as well.

Also consider upgrading your mattresses and headboards to increase guest satisfaction. Ava’s Attic sells beautiful chalk painted headboards perfect for beach houses, like this custom-painted queen headboard.

Go Beyond the Basics

Throwing in some extras is always a nice gesture, especially when it means that your guests have to pack less. Towels, umbrellas and folding chairs are all inexpensive but add a nice touch of hospitality to get that five-star review.

Don’t forget to check out this gorgeous chest and nightstand from Ava’s Attic which would be a nice place to store those towels and robes for your guests to use.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Seating

Vacationers often want to reconnect with nature on their beach trip, so expectedly, your guests will make the most of their time to enjoy the summer warmth. It’s important to create a comfortable outdoor spot where guests can chill and appreciate the beautiful scenery.

Ideally, you want furniture that can withstand the elements, such as timber and rattan.

This beautiful outdoor sectional would be a nice upgrade to your beach house patio. 


While your guests may spend most of their time in the water, they’ll still want some form of entertainment when they’re inside the beach house. Be sure to invest in a high-speed internet connection and provide plenty of viewing options, either in the form of DVDs or streaming sites.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that there are guests who want to unplug and may refrain from using technology during their stay. Consider preparing a deck of cards, board games and reading materials for their entertainment.

This lovely bamboo shelf from Ava’s Attic will keep all your books and magazines neatly organized.

Accentuate with Beach-Themed Decor

Incorporating some coastal designs into your beach house is important to make it look like the ultimate summer retreat, but you don’t need to go overboard. Choosing the right colors and subtly injecting a few coastal elements are all it takes to create an authentic beach vibe.

Instead of filling your interior with beachy trinkets, consider using key elements that are both stylish and functional. For example, this shell console not only blends with the coastal look you’re trying to create, but it also serves as additional storage and the perfect spot for a table lamp.

By following our tips above, you can ensure the best summer experience for guests that will keep them coming back. For more amazing beach house furniture and decor, check out Ava’s Attic on Facebook.

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