The way you decorate and position your furniture dictates the flow of energy in your house. While you can’t just change your home’s structure or splurge on major renovations, there are things you can do to let go of any negative vibes and attract positive energies instead. Keep on reading!

Declutter Effectively

To attract new positive vibes for your home, it’s important to let go of what’s no longer working or needed. Often, we unknowingly collect junk to hold on to some memories or just because we’re too lazy to do an inventory of our home regularly. If you were waiting for the right time, this is it! Categorize your clutter accordingly – throw, repair, recycle, donate. Be honest about when was the last time you used an item. While it’s okay to keep seasonal belongings, avoid hoarding stuff that rarely serves a purpose in your life as it can drag you down energetically. A good rule of thumb is to let go of an item before you get a new one.

There is another category, which is to sell! It is a great way to get rid of your stuff and pocket some money to reinvest in home improvement. Bring your pre-loved pieces to Ava’s Attic for consignment so that they could find a new home and get some money back to shop their newest arrivals.

Designate a Place for Items to Keep

Let’s face it. There are things that you haven’t used in months but aren’t exactly disposable (e.g. special China, Christmas decorations, etc.) Once you’ve sorted out what to let go and what to keep, dedicate a space to organize those you’re keeping so that they’ll stay out of sight until you have a need for them again. This show-stopping sideboard is perfect for storing all your knick-knacks and is an excellent statement piece!

Keep Your Entryway Tidy

Your entrance door and foyer pave the way for positive vibes to come inside your home. If these areas are cluttered, energy will stagnate. Clear out your entryways of shoes, coats, worn-out items, and anything that can obstruct the flow of chi. To further elevate the energy of the space, add some fresh flowers and a large mirror. 

This painted buffet is just the right size for your entryway! You might also want to copy this look because this is just perfect.

Invest in Something New

The new year represents new opportunities. It gives you a chance to leave the bad things that happened in the past and start over. For your home, you might want to welcome a few nice additions for the spirit of newness.

Even if your budget doesn’t allow for a major furnishing change, you can still make your home look fresh. You can rearrange your furniture placement in a way that improves energy flow. You can paint a small room or even a small corner and create a little nook or an accent area. You can also repair old furniture or repurpose it and transfer it to another room.

You can also have it repainted to make it look like an entirely new piece. If you can’t paint, bring yours to Ava’s Attic and their experts would know what to do. Check out the before and after transformation of this lovely piece.

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