After the dark and cold winter, everyone’s looking forward to the light and warmth spring has to offer. As a time of renewal, spring gives us new hope, motivation and energy that may have diminished during the gloominess of winter.

Giving your home a spring refresh will help you make the most of the new life and vigor this season promises. Here are some fast and easy ways to update your home decor.

Incorporate More Color

With days longer and temperatures warmer, there’s no better time to play with colors. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy expensive decorations or repaint your walls to achieve that. Simply throwing in a few accent pieces, such as books, pillows or other trinkets can easily liven up any space.

Take inspiration from blossoming plants and flowers around you to know which colors work well together.

And you don’t have to stop with color! You can introduce various prints and textures as well. Floral and botanical prints, in particular, create an instant spring vibe!

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Add Some Nature

One of the easiest tricks to giving your home a spring atmosphere is to add something living or organic to any room. Whether it is fresh flowers, branches or twigs, they can instantly form that outdoor connection that makes any room feel alive.

You can also accomplish this by using furniture made with natural materials. This gorgeous bamboo headboard will not only give your bedroom that much-needed spring update but it is also long-lasting and eco-friendly!

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Lighten Things Up

With winter over, now is the perfect time to let more natural light inside your home.  Make sure to clean your windows and dress them up with bright-colored or sheer curtains to quickly create a spring aura. 

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Display Bold Artwork

Updating your walls with artwork that embraces the spring spirit is one of the quickest ways to match the season in style. When refreshing your gallery, think of flowery fields, bright colors and anything that invokes nature. 

This artwork from Sugar Beach Interiors will easily transform your wall from winter to spring. Come visit us and see what other pieces we have available! 

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Hide Winter Accessories

What’s spring without spring cleaning? This season calls for all your wooly blankets, furs and other winter accessories to go into hibernation. Be sure to swap them with cotton, linen and other lightweight fabric.

If you are in need of extra storage to tuck all the non-essentials away, visit or call Ava’s Attic to inquire about our huge collection of different storage options.

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Spring Scents

Nothing says spring like fresh scents in the air. If you don’t have access to fresh flowers, you can use candles and diffusers to fill your home with spring scents like lavender, lemon, jasmine and peppermint. Candles, in themselves, are wonderful accents, especially when they come in spring colors.

Be sure to stop by at Ava’s Attic to check out our collection of candles and diffusers.

Just stick with our tips above and your home will be spring-ready in no time! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for more awesome ideas!

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