If you haven’t styled your home using white furniture before, you are missing out on a timeless elegance that few other colors can achieve in the same way. White is fresh, clean, versatile and creates a nice backdrop for you to experiment with various design styles and color schemes. Read on for easy and comfortable decorating tips for white furniture.

Create a Layered Look

Adding more neutrals to white-based furniture can make your space appear more cohesive and relaxed. Don’t be afraid to play with many shades of gray or brown in your rugs, curtains, upholstery, etc. Consider different materials, textures, and patterns so your all-white scheme doesn’t look rigid or boring.

This six-piece set of banana leaf chairs are the perfect accompaniment for this white dining table, both of which you can get at Ava’s Attic.

Plan for Small Pops of Color

One of the best things about white is it simply just goes with anything, and it’s hard to go wrong. It sets a perfect foundation for you to display your travel trinkets or just go eclectic with your decor. 

Think throws, artwork, potted plants and small light fixtures. A few, small accessories will break up the expanses of white and soften the feel.

Ideally, you will want to pick pastel or subdued colors for your accessories, as they tend to make your white furniture stand out without coming on too strong. Take for instance this set of watermelon red and blush throws against the white sofa.

Consider a Black and White Scheme

If there’s any design principle that’s been proven time and again, it’s that black and white always go well together. The combination is just elegant and never goes out of style. If you are new to interior design and are unsure how to complement your existing white furniture, black is one of your safest bets.

This pair of industrial chairs will provide a nice and chic contrast to any whitewashed room.

Add More White

An all-white scheme is especially good for rooms with small spaces as they can make the area feel larger, brighter, and clutter free. The trick to keeping it from looking too sterile is changing up the patterns and texture. For example, you can use a pillow in a shimmering white material to add warmth and contrast to a white upholstery. You can repeat it all throughout the room by adding a faux fur rug and a nightstand in a different shade of white, etc.

Tone Down Your Bright Walls Using White Furniture

If you’re tired of your walls or moved into a new place where you don’t like the wall color, you can escape the painful task of repainting by transforming your existing furniture. Don’t waste a nice, solid piece just because the colors don’t match. White freshens up a piece of furniture, gives it a contemporary appeal and will subdue whatever background color there is.

This fireplace was just too gorgeous to throw away and the painters at Ava’s Attic gave it a new life. If you have a wonderful piece like this, bring it over for restoration!

If you’re looking to further expand your white furniture collection or need more design ideas, be sure to visit Ava’s Attic on Facebook regularly for the hottest arrivals.

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