According to research by Phocuswright, travel and tourism is the second-most popular choice for discretionary spending among Americans. Because of the ease with which you can book rental properties these days, it’s easy for yours to get lost in the sea of thousands of other listings. So how can you make yours stand out? Here are some suggestions.

Update Your Dining Area

With the rise of modern types of accommodations, travelers are looking to make the most of their dollars and are becoming a little more discerning when booking properties. Those who travel in groups, especially the ones who are booking a long-term stay are more likely to prefer fully furnished kitchens that give them the flexibility to cook their own meals instead of relying on room service.

But it’s not just enough that your guests can cook, they should be able to enjoy their meals together as well. Be sure to update your dining area so that it can accommodate as many people as possible.

This 8-seater custom painted farm table in Driftwood finish will be a lovely and practical addition to your rental property. Come check it out at Ava’s Attic today!

Make the Bedroom Cozy

Guests want to relax when they’re on a vacation, and the best way to attract them to your property like moths to fire is to present them with an inviting bedroom. You can make minimal changes in other areas of your rental property, but don’t spare expenses on this space.

Be sure that the beds are paired with comfortable mattresses and are fitted with soft, fluffy bedsheets and plenty of extra pillows. The room should feel airy and well lit but is also equipped with thick, luxurious shades that will block the sunlight whenever they want to sleep in. 

Your guests’ quality of rest during their stay will have the most impact on their review of your property, so it’s important to invest in premium linens, mattresses, and beds. Treat your guests like royalty and consider adding this King Bed by Hickory White.

Let There Be Light

Dark areas, no matter how expensive the decor and furniture you put into it, will look gloomy and unappealing. Bright spaces, on the other hand, are homey, welcoming and can look larger than they are.

Lighting also enhances the visuals of your space. If your guests want to post photos of their vacation in their social media, you’d want to ensure your rental is well-lit and glamorous in those shots. Consider installing chandeliers, pendants, recessed lights, floor lamps or sconces across strategic places so they can double as decorative accents.

One of the best things about additional lighting is that they are easy and inexpensive to install, but they can transform your rental space. Be sure to check out these cute table lamps at Ava’s Attic.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

If you’re lucky enough to own a rental property with an outdoor space, you should maximize that opportunity. Nowadays, guests prefer rentals with an outdoor area where they could spend quality time with family, friends, pets, or just chill by themselves. Outfitting a patio or even a small garden will ensure that guests will have a lovely time outside.

Aside from adding seating areas, you can update your outdoor space by adding more plants, lanterns, and other decorative pieces like these concrete planters.

Just follow these simple tips above and watch your rental bookings increase dramatically. For other ideas like these, don’t forget to follow Ava’s Attic on Facebook.

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