Before metals and concrete were forged, wood has been in existence. But while wood predates mankind, it never goes out of style, but rather just continues to serve our ever-evolving tastes and preferences when it comes to home furnishing. From intricately carved to plain panels, wood never ceases to amaze. Here are just some of the best reasons why you can never go wrong with wooden furniture.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Wood is a naturally occurring raw material. It is readily available and is the only renewable building material. As people become conscientious about the products they use and support, we can see more wood adoption in our homes and offices. So long as wood is responsibly sourced and replenished, cutting down some trees is actually good for the forests as it encourages the birth of younger, healthier trees.

Old wooden furniture can also be recycled or repainted to look new, just like this beautiful dresser chalkpainted by the talented artists from Ava’s Attic.

It Basically Lasts Forever

It can be difficult to beat wood when it comes to strength and durability. Hard types of wood that are well treated can easily last up to 100 years! Wood is also quite easy to maintain, requiring just some dusting and polishing every now and then. Opting for wood for your most used and abused pieces such as dining tables and chairs, sofa, and beds can save you a fortune over the long haul.

Tired of the dust, dirt, and dents in your upholstered bed? Consider switching to this magnificent King Bed by Hickory White.

You’ve Got to Love the Variety

There are no two identical woods in the world. Chopping down two trees of the exact same species would still not give you the exact same furniture. Each wood has a unique texture, tone, color, and graining pattern, ensuring that every piece crafted from it would result in a distinctive, beautiful creation.

The grains on this 58” round pedestal dining table is unlike anything else we’ve ever seen!

It’s Good for Your Mental Health

Research shows that incorporating natural elements such as wood into your home interior can reduce your stress levels, essentially benefitting your physical and mental health. After a long and tiring day outside a bustling city, coming home to an indoor space with some elements of nature can create feelings of calmness and warmth.

Who wouldn’t want to come home when you are greeted with beautiful statement pieces like this wooden shelf?

It Goes Well with Everything

Wood is the king of versatility. Whether you’re opting for rustic or modern, it’s easy and seamless to blend wooden furniture with other materials. There’s an undeniable charm and elegance with wooden furniture that simply cannot be outmatched. In fact, many design experts suggest adding a wooden piece to your decor to help anchor the entire theme and achieve a sense of balance.

This coffee table is a perfect example of how rustic and modern could work very well together!

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