People love staycations for all kinds of reasons! From exploring your city to avoiding travel and saving some money, it is common for people to rent a home just across the city to enjoy some vacation time. We are here to help you transform your interiors so you can provide a resort experience in your very own home.

Bring the Colors of Nature Inside

Colors can have a huge impact on your mood, which is why resorts always pick a palette that makes guests want to unwind and forget the world outside. You can never go wrong with whites, greens and blues if you want a tropical vacation feel in your space.

This custom chalk-painted dresser is both functional and gorgeous and should complete the look of your resort-inspired room.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Because outdoor time may be limited, it is especially important to fill your home with things that remind you of nature, such as plants and wooden materials. Houseplants add pops of color in dull and forgotten corners of the home. They also help filter the air, improve circulation and boost the body’s immunity.

Meanwhile, wood is naturally warm and comforting. Several studies suggest that wood can reduce stress and anxiety. Whenever possible, choose furniture made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo or wicker like this Ralph Lauren Jamaica Chair.

Make Sure Your Home Smells Amazing

One of the best feelings when entering a resort-hotel is being greeted with their unique scent as soon as you enter the lobby. It is easy to recreate this at home by stocking up on candles, diffusers and essential oils to fill every room with your favorite tropical scent.

Take your pick from our collection of scented candles and diffusers that will make your guests want to stay home all day long!

Create a Place to Lounge 

With increased hours spent indoors, it is more important to set boundaries and designate a separate area for relaxation only. If you have enough space outside, adding hammocks and egg chairs will quickly lend a resort vibe without much effort.

There is still hope for those living in condos or small apartments. Whether it is at the foot of the bed, by the bay window, or at an underutilized corner, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a seating area where you can read your favorite book or finish a cup of tea.

This settee from Ava’s Attic is the perfect place to retire after a long day of calls and virtual meetings.

Hang Some Wall Art

Have you ever noticed how resorts are usually adorned with expansive art pieces? Art displays in your home can imbue dramatic and calming effects. Simply hang one huge piece or create a gallery of several small pieces.

Pro tip: Hang maps or travel-themed paintings for a more resort feel, such as these lovely art pieces from Ava’s Attic.

By following our tips above and checking out Ava’s Attic on Facebook for more inspiration, you can easily create the perfect summer staycation home.

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