Shopping for furniture can be one of the most fun activities when you’re furnishing your house.

Furniture is not only useful, it gives your home character. One of the best ways to save money is by looking for used furniture in consignment shops.

However, it does not always mean to say that you should buy the first attractive chair you see inside a consignment store in Destin.

These are guidelines you need to follow to ensure that you get the best bargains when shopping.

Here are a few tips and tricks for picking up used furniture from Destin consignment shops.

Laminate and Veneer Furniture Can Be Beautiful

Don’t turn your nose on laminate and veneer furniture because they can be beautiful.

These types of furniture have a natural look and feel and are quite durable. You can still bring out their natural beauty by repairing and repainting them.

Plus, veneer and laminate furniture are also generally more affordable than solid wood and so many Destin consignment stores offer really good bargains.

They are scratch-resistant, waterproof and usually retain their look for years.



Reupholstering Can Save You Money

Couches and sofas are some of the most expensive furniture that you can buy brand new.

However, if you’re looking to save some bucks, reupholstering a couch or sofa from a Destin consignment store can save you money.

If you find a couch or sofa that still offers good back support and still has firm cushions, you can reupholster it easily. There are many videos and tutorials on how you can DIY this project cheaply. The best thing about DIY-ing your sofa or couch is that you get to choose the fabric to give it a more personalized effect.



Don’t Be Afraid To Do A Little Fixing

it’s normal for some pieces of furniture in a Destin consignment place to have small nicks and scratches.

if you really love a piece, don’t be afraid to fix it. A new coat of paint or varnish can make a salvaged piece of furniture look brand new.


Refurbish Metal Furniture

Metal furniture for patios and decks are very expensive. However, they can last a very long time especially if they are well cared for.

There are consignment shops in Destin that sell second hand metal or wrought iron furniture. If you encounter metal and wrought iron furniture think of its potential. A good rust remover and a new powder coating or outdoor paint can breathe new life to your metal furniture.


Know Your Measurements

When you’re a hardcore furniture buyer, it can be very tempting to buy every piece you see. However, think before you buy because it might not fit inside your house or condo.

While you’re at it, think about how you’re going to transport the furniture.

Is your car big enough? Will it fit the elevator?

Knowing your measurements can save you the trouble of hauling a piece of furniture from your friendly Destin consignment shop.


When you’re shopping for furniture from consignment stores in Destin, you will never be sure what you’ll find.

Old furniture and antiques hold a lot of charm but sometimes you need to think outside the box to see their true potential. Happy shopping!

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