Sharing a bedroom, whether it’s with a sibling, a roommate, or your significant other, means having to make smart choices when shopping for bedroom furniture. In some cases, choosing the right pieces to add can be extra challenging, especially if you have limited space. Here are some tips on how you can create a spacious bedroom that’s perfect for sharing.

Maximize Storage Spaces

Sharing a room with someone also means sharing storage spaces. If you have a small bedroom, you should consider investing in furniture that will provide you with maximum storage like a dresser with more compartments.

This elegant white dresser has several drawers of various sizes, perfect for storing your personal items as well as the belongings of the person you’re sharing the room with. You can even put portraits, jewelry boxes, and other decorative pieces on top of this dresser to give it a look that’s unique to your bedroom.  

Find the Perfect Side Table

Even small bedrooms will benefit from the aesthetic effect a side table provides. A side table brings the room’s interior together. It not only serves as a place for you put your night lamp, but it also provides extra storage space without being too big and bulky.

This pair of side tables from Ava’s Attic is a great addition to any bedroom. The vertical lines on the design make the side table look even more classy and neat—perfect for a room with limited space.

Add a Mirror

When placed correctly, mirrors will create the optical illusion that the room is more spacious than it really is. For small and narrow bedrooms, you can try adding mirrors on opposite walls. This will add depth to your space.

Mirrors with gold or other metallic accents are also great, not just for creating an illusion of more space, but also for bringing light to the room. You can just imagine how bright and lively a room will be with this ornate mirror which will really stand out against the bedroom walls, making the room look brighter and bigger.

Create a Seating Area

Now that might sound counterintuitive, right? After all, the goal is to make the bedroom look and feel spacious enough for two people. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your goal of having a cozy sitting area.

If there’s still an unused or empty corner in the room, why not turn that into your seating space? Instead of using a large couch, you can get these comfy blue chairs that will also serve as accent pieces for their chic detail.

The size of your bedroom should never limit your goals of creating your dream room. The key is to choose furniture that provides maximum storage space without appearing too bulky. You can also add mirrors to create the illusion of more space. Bedroom seating for two? Why not! As long as you choose chairs that are just the right size.

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