Upgrading one’s home furnishing is always a fun thing to do, but no one wants to break the bank in doing so. If you’re remodeling on a tight budget, chances are you are better off shopping for used furniture instead.

If you’re already thinking about going for a bargain hunt but have shied away because of the myths surrounding furniture consignment stores, now is not the time to hesitate! Here, we are going to debunk these myths so that you’ll be able to shop for those pre-loved treasures confidently.

Myth #1: Items in Consignment Stores are Heavily Used

Consignment stores carry a wide range of items, from ones which require little retouching to those which are still in like new condition. In fact, the most reputable consignment stores such as the ones in Destin will only carry items that are still in good shape. If you’re extremely lucky, you may even find pieces that still have their original tags on them.

Take for instance this gorgeous farm table. After custom gray staining by the talented painters from Ava’s Attic, this beauty could pass as brand new.


Myth #2: Consigned Furniture is Ugly

People decide to get rid of their furniture, even the most gorgeous ones, due to various reasons, such as downsizing, moving to a new place, or simply giving their home a different look.

Reliable consignment stores like Ava’s Attic in Destin are very picky with the types of furniture that they accept. They only display high quality and tasteful pieces, such as this gold-studded side table.


Myth #3: Consignment Furniture is Cheap

Reputable consignment stores are always on the lookout for second-hand designer furniture because they care about their customers and their reputation. They tend to be very selective with the items they carry and prefer name brand pieces. If you have exquisite taste in furniture but don’t want to spend top dollar on one, then a consignment store is your friend!

Many consignment stores, particularly the ones in Destin, offer wish lists for customers, so if you’re looking for a particular brand, be sure to let them know so that you’ll be immediately notified once they get that product in. Who knows, you may just be lucky and land on a designer piece, such as this luxury side table from Maitland-Smith.


Myth #4: Consignment Boutiques are Unorganized

Consignment shops shouldn’t be confused with thrift stores. If anything, many consignment stores are very much like the big brand stores you’d often see in malls. They have a small staff that ensure everything is clean and properly organized for easier search.

This is what the inside of Ava’s Attic consignment boutique looks like. Once you step in, you’ll definitely feel that designer brand furniture boutique vibe!


If you’re looking to stretch your furniture budget, it’s important to realize that there’s no shame in visiting consignment stores. With an open mind, patience, and some luck, you might be surprised about what you may just find!

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