How do you know it’s time to redecorate your Destin condo?

While there aren’t any hard rules when it comes to redecorating, we usually suggest to plan on living with a design for 5 years, and if you haven’t redecorated after 10 years your condo is in danger of going past out-of-style to seriously dated.

Keeping the look fresh is important. You don’t want your décor to get boring and stale. If you’re not looking for a complete overhaul, many Destin condo owners choose to tweak their decorations by buying new throw pillow cases, moving their furniture or buying books for their coffee table.

If you’re having trouble determining if it’s time to redecorate your beach house, here are some signs that your house is in need of resuscitation.


Faded Fabrics

Are your fabrics fading? Scan your drapes or rugs and pay close attention to faded colors. The Destin community is known for their bright beach colors, so fading can be a major issues to visitors.

Fading usually occurs in areas exposed to the sun or heat.

If you don’t notice any fading, try turning the cushions over and inspecting areas where the seams of the seat and back meet. In high sun areas, it may only take a couple of years before fading ensues.


Mold and Fungus

Mold and fungus growth is a sign of time’s passage.

If you notice that your Destin condo has black mold and fungus growth, it’s time to strip the wall, re-caulk, or repaint.

Mold and fungus ruin the nicest tiling display, and can create a health risk. Over time, these areas can even start to smell. The solution is to rip up your tiles and give the bathroom a makeover.


Major Life Seasons

We all go through major life changes. When you buy your first house. When you have a new baby. When your kids leave the house for college.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the furniture from the last season of life. If you still have the same furniture and decorations in the house from when your kids lived at home, then it’s probably time to buy something new.

Have fun with it. You’ve got a reason to swipe that credit card and buy some fun new furniture. I give you permission.

Keep the classics and call up Ava’s Attic to consign the rest. Think how fun it’ll be to buy all that furniture you couldn’t have when the kids were around (… but also remember granchildren may be around the corner *finger’s crossed*).


Scratched Floors

Floors are some of the most abused parts of condos.

Beach sand scratches everything up. It gets stepped on every day. Furniture gets scraped across it. Don’t even get me started about what the salt in the air does to wood flooring.

If your floor is peppered with scratches and marks, it’s time for a change. Look for tougher flooring alternatives to make your house in Destin look like brand new.


The 5 Year Rule

A good rule of thumb is to give your Destin property a makeover every 5 years.

Simple transformations like replacing a wine stained carpet, repainting a wall or buying a new mirror for your mantle are easy redecorating moves that don’t take a lot of time. Redecorating your Destin condo does not mean you have to buy all new things. Ava’s Attic offers a furniture alternative to pricey new furniture.

I hope you picked up a few tips from our article. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a few moments to check out Ava’s Attic’s Instagram page and see if there’s anything that you’d like to use for your next redecoration.


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