Do you have old furniture that you are considering throwing away? Don’t toss it in the dumpster just yet; bring it to Ava’s Attic for our furniture consignment in Destin, FL, and you can make some money off your old furniture. We take old, unusable furniture and make it usable again. We build, paint, and repurpose furniture in order to turn it around and sell it again. Then we pay you part of the commission.

Consign Old Clothing and Furniture

Ava’s Attic accepts furniture, clothing, and accessories for consignment. If you have designer clothing that is still in great condition with lots of life left in it, bring it to us. Many people purchase designer-brand items only to find that it doesn’t fit right, it was the wrong gift for your friend, or you cannot return it to the store. Our clothing consignment service allows you to get some money back for your purchase.

Do you have some awesome furniture that you’re ready to part with and you’d like to make some money off it? Oftentimes people get rid of old furniture that’s still in great condition because they don’t have another option. If you’ve got furniture that’s still in great shape, we’ll pick it up for free and give you money when it sells!

Read on to learn more about the consignment process below.

Easy Drop-off Consignment Services

We carefully select items to sell based on our clientele and our previous experience with similar merchandise. We only take items that are freshly laundered, pressed, smoke-free, and in like-new condition. We offer easy drop-off consignment services. If you don’t have time to wait while we look through your items, feel free to drop them off and come back later. Items just need to be picked up within seven days of the initial drop off. Our consignment stores in Destin, FL, have limited space and if items are left at our shop for longer than this period, we will donate them.

Consignment Period of 60 Days

We allow clothing to be on our racks for a full 60 days. Clothing, shoes, and accessories not sold during this time will be discounted. Our consignors receive 40% of the sale price and we efficiently process payout checks. Checks can be picked up/mailed at any time after an item is sold. Please request your account balance on our Home Page.

Affordable Consignment Rates

We are always taking items for clothing or furniture consignment in Destin, FL, and no appointment is necessary! Bring your old furniture or clothing by any time. You can drop it off and we will value the items while you run other errands. We accept upscale furniture and home decor, as well as clothing on a seasonal basis, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. Here are our commission breakdowns:

  • Furniture: 50/50
  • Clothing: 40/60
  • Designer items: 50/50

Contact us now to get more details about consigning.

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